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Stacey Macdonald
6 Timsgarry, Uig, Isle of Lewis, HS2 9JD

07957 303848

Stacey created The Modern Storyteller in 2019 to be a business guide in the world of communications, PR, press and vitally, Social Media. With over 20 years in the corporate world, Stacey brings huge experience of messaging, media and communications combined with her passion to help small businesses thrive in today’s world.

In today’s busy world, STORYTELLING is key to standing apart from the rest, getting your voice heard and ultimately being successful.

#YourStoryYouWay is Stacey’s unique 4 pillar approach to guiding you and your business to find your unique story and identify the right people to be speaking to. Stacey provides tools and strategies on how to get your message across and helps you to build the vital trust that is needed in the marketplace today.

Breaking down the necessary communications puzzle into 4 pillars, Stacey will empower you to stand up, show up and speak boldly in the noisy world. Stacey’s targeted approach will enable you and your business to #ShowUpAsYou, #NurtureYourNiche, #SpeakConfidentWordsBoldly and show you that #AuthenticityBreedsTrust.

Stacey offers a bespoke approach that meets your needs today, accompanying you on the journey to building loyal, trusting audiences who want to engage, interact and ultimately buy from a respected person and business they know, like and trust.